Welcome to One Nigeria 4 AtikuObi 2019

One Nigeria 4 AtikuObi 2019 is a Nigeria Rescue mandate put in place and supported 100% by the Nigeria Youths and other well-meaning Nigerians in pursuit of full restoration of Nigeria’s lost glory in all ramifications.
The movement will bring to the awareness of Nigerian Youths in particular the potentials and the capacity of the PDP Presidential candidates to reposition Nigeria thereby giving Nigerian Youths hope for a brighter and fulfilling future in Nigeria.
The movement will reach out to all Nigerians, irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, social status or background through our coordinators from ward level of all local governments in Nigeria, States and National coordinator. The movement shall educate all Nigerians most importantly, the youths on the policy document of Atiku/Obi once their government is inaugurated by May 2019.YouTube.

Requirement for Prospective Members

Decision to vote for Atiku/Obi in 2019 under the platform of PDP
Be a registered voter with INEC with your PVC or TVC
Be a contributor to the success of Atiku/Obi mandate in kind or cash

Our Motto

Nigerian Youths are Intelligent, Smart, Hardworking and Not Lazy


One Nigeria! Atiku!! Atiku! One Nigeria!! Get Nigeria Working Again

Our Vision

To mobilize and deliver 60 Million votes for Atiku

Our Mission

To mobilise at least 60million eligible voters to vote for Atiku/Obi in the 2019 presidential elections.